Hampton Roads is getting lots of wind and rain. It all results in floods on our streets and in our homes and damage to our homes’ systems.

Norfolk Air has solutions for the power outages and damages which storms WILL bring. Let us evaluate and tune-up your pumping system and add a water-powered emergency backup sump pump!

Why do we need emergency backup for our sump pump? Because power outages are routine in storms! Sump pumps run on AC; so, our pumps do not move water from our homes.

Why does Norfolk Air install water-powered emergency pumps?  Because batteries drain! Most sump pumps are backed up by battery packs; however, the life of a battery is limited. Our water-powered secondary pump attaches to your water supply piping and runs as long as you have water service from the City or a well.

Sure, as always, we will answer your call and promptly be at your door in an emergency; but, NOW is the time to do all we can to prevent the emergency. Set an appointment with Norfolk Air for an inspection and tune-up of your sump pump and an estimate to install the water-powered emergency backup sump pump!** Call us today at 757-963-8365 or contact us through the website.

**Ask Norfolk Air how our Blue Ribbon Protection Plan will help you maintain all of your home’s systems and how we can reduce the risk of water damage.