These are the definitions of some common terms often used by your plumber. To learn more about these plumbing services and other Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake commercial plumbing services provided by Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical, contact us today at 757-963-8365 for your free estimate on your plumbing project.

Access Panel – An opening in the wall or ceiling near the fixture that allows access for servicing the plumbing/electrical system.

Aerator – A device screwed into the end of a faucet spout that mixes air into flowing water, and controls flow to reduce splashing. It sometimes contains a baffle to reduce flow to 2.5 gpm.

Backflow – Backflow is the flow of water or other liquids, mixtures, or substances into the distributing pipes of a potable supply of water from any sources other than its intended source.

Back Pressure – Pressure that resists the flow of fluid in a piping system.

Backup – The overflow of a plumbing fixture due to drain stoppage e.g. a clogged toilet or clogged drain.

Backwater Valve – Sewer line valve that prevents sewage from flowing back into the house.

Boiler – A sealed tank where water is heated and turned to steam for power or hot water.

Check Valve – A type of backflow preventer installed in a pipe run that allows water to flow in only one direction.

Circuit Vent – Plumbing drainage system vertical vent which is run from the last two traps on a horizontal drain line to the main vent stack of a building drainage system.

Finish Plumbing – Installation of plumbing fixtures to make the system usable.

Fixture – In plumbing, the devices that provide a supply of water and/or its disposal, e.g. sinks, tubs, toilets.

Flapper Valve – The part on the bottom of the toilet tank that opens to allow water to flow from the tank into the bowl.

Gate – A device that controls the flow in a conduit, pipe, or tunnel.

Instantaneous Water Heater – A type of water heater that heats water as it flows through a heat exchanger coil.

Leader – Pipe carrying rainwater to the ground or sewer.

O-Ring – Round rubber washer used to create a watertight seal, chiefly around valve stems.

Plumbing Tree – Prefabricated set of drain waste, vent, and supply lines.

Plunger – An instrument usually with a rubber head, used to create suction in a drain line or a toilet to push a clog through the line.

Pop-Up Drain – Type of drain assembly for lavatory and bath. When a lavatory lift rod or bath overflow plate lever is lifted, the pop-up drain closes so the lavatory or tub retains water.

Trap – Curved section of drain line that prevents sewer odors from escaping into the atmosphere. All fixtures that have drains must have a “P” trap installed. A toilet is the only plumbing fixture with an “S” trap.

Trap Arm – The waste arm portion of a drainage trap.

Trap Dip – The U-bend portion of a drainage trap.

Washdown Water Closet – Water closet having a siphon trapway at the front of the bowl, and integral flushing rim.

Waste Arm – Drain extension pipe, usually to extend a sink drain into a wall.

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