Drain Cleaning in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake

Everyone has, at some time, experienced the awful inconvenience of a clogged drain. Whether it is a slow, gradual clog that worsens over time or a sudden, instantaneous blockage, Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical is here to help. We know you’re busy, you depend on your appliances, and we are on call 24/7 all year long for emergency drain assistance. Please contact us today, 757-963-8365if your pipes are clogged or draining slowly.

Small clogs can cause big problems if left unchecked, and that’s why we use only the most effective and innovative methods of cleaning your drains. Each clog is different, and many things can cause blockages. No matter what’s backing up your sewage system, Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical can get things flowing smoothly again for your Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or Chesapeake home.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Norfolk Air Heating Cooling HVAC Plumbing & Electrical offers Hydro Jet drain cleaning services.

Ask about our Hydro Jet drain cleaning service.

One innovative tool that we use is the Hydro Jet, a pressurized water cannon which not only blasts away clogs, it scours the inside of your pipes! When the Hydro Jet is finished, the pipes are clear of all debris, with the added benefit of clearing away any accumulated grease and tree roots. Even better, the Hydro Jet is so effective that you will likely not need further maintenance on your pipes for a year or two.

Along with the Hydro Jet, we utilize the help of a sewer camera to assess and clean your drains and pipes. This allows our experienced technicians to view and understand the exact location and nature of the clog, and target the area with the Hydro Jet. Once we’ve finished scouring the inside of the pipes, we’ll take another pass through with the camera, to be absolutely certain we’ve gotten all the buildup cleared away.

Still not convinced that Hydro Jetting is for you? Keep calm, and read on.

  • Traditional rooters simply push clogs around and, at best, punch a hole through the center of the blockage, leaving the clog to re-form over time. At Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we prefer to deal with tough problems the first time. By scouring the pipelines, we completely remove the clog, and leave the pipes grease-free as a bonus (You’re welcome Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Portsmouth and Hampton)!
  • Because of the increased length of time between cleanings, Hydro Jetting actually saves homeowners money. Less time, hassle and money seem like a pretty good deal to us!

We hope we’ve convinced all the folks of Hampton Roads of the benefits of Hydro-Jetting and Sewage Cameras over traditional (AKA: outdated) methods of drain cleaning. If you still have questions or aren’t sure if it’s right for your sewage system, please contact Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical in Norfolk, Virginia Beach & Chesapeake at 757-963-8365 today for more information, or to schedule your pressurized drain cleaning!

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