You might joke about how HVAC companies love triple-degree heat – more work for us – but make no mistake: we have homes, too, and we aren’t fans of high air conditioning bills. As we’re professionals when it comes to heating and cooling maintenance in Norfolk and Hampton Roads, we have to admit we know a thing or two about conserving energy and managing expenses. We want you to be comfortable at home, too, so when you need a new AC unit we hope we’re your first and only call. We’ll also do our best to assist you when it comes to saving on your home bills.

We know when it gets hot, you’ll adjust the thermostat. That’s fine, it’s why you have one for times when it feels like the sun moved next door. If you’re concerned about your budget, though, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don’t set the thermostat too low when you’re away. If you’ve planned a vacation that takes you away from the house for a week or longer, you want to come home to a comfortable environment. However, an AC unit left running at full power could result in wasted money. For periods of time when the house is empty, adjust room temperatures toward the high end of the cooling scale – around 75-76 degrees. You may also want to invest in a system that lets you adjust your HVAC from a phone app so you can keep an eye on things while you’re away.

Clean or replace your air filters. An AC system working under optimal conditions doesn’t work hard. When filters are corroded or blocked with all manner of dust and mites and contaminants, you might think your system isn’t running properly. It doesn’t feel cool enough, so you adjust the temperature. Later on, your bill will reflect all the work done. The cleaner your filters and ducts, the easier it is for cool air to push through and keep you comfortable. Make a point to check your filters before it gets too hot outside.

Reduce heat-generating activities. Think about your daily activities – cooking, watching TV, browsing the Internet on a laptop. Appliances generate heat, and if the whole family has gadgets and laundry and the dishwasher running your home will feel warmer than it should be, thereby tempting you to fiddle with the AC. Try scheduling some chores at night when the outside temperature drops, and cut back on using equipment that churns out heat. Use your mobile instead of the computer, and hand-wash and dry dishes.

The little things you do to conserve home cooling can help knock a few dollars off your energy bills. When you need maintenance and/or repair done for your Norfolk home’s AC unit, call Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical to schedule a visit.