It’s easy to predict certain things during a summer in Hampton Roads – the heat topping that list. Flash thunderstorms, however, are trickier. They come and go across different parts of the region. You may swelter at the Oceanfront while your friends in Norfolk face a deluge. There’s no telling what we’ll face as summer winds down, but if you’re the type who prefers not to take chances maybe this is the year you will purchase a home generator.

Emergency Generator Installation & ServiceWe know what you’re thinking: a generator is a luxury, right? It’s a lot of money to spend, and if your budget is tight you may be reluctant to look at one when you have other expenses.

If you live in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or anywhere else in the Tidewater area, a home generator is a wise investment, and we’re not just saying this because we specialize in home generator installation and repair. If you’re on the fence about getting a permanent or portable generator, here are a few points to consider.

You’ll save money in the long run. Think about what happens when you lose electricity. Food may spoil in a non-functioning refrigerator. If you work from home, you may not be able to access the Internet. If a blackout following a bad storm persists, it could force you out of your house and into a hotel for a few days. Total up the expense of accommodations, eating out, and using a laundry facility while you wait for the power to come back, and you might find the price of a generator isn’t so high after all.

It’s better for your family’s health. If you have small children at home, or if your elderly parents live with you, it’s important that your home remains a comfortable environment for them. Loss of power affects your heating and cooling, and over time that could lead to health problems for people with weak immune systems. A generator can restore your power in a blackout, thereby keeping everybody cool and your perishable foods safe to eat.

Disaster happens. If you’ve lived in Hampton Roads long enough, you’ve survived at least one raging tropical storm. We really have to hand it to everybody who works the essential jobs in time of emergency – the EMTs, the power company, fire and police – because they do their best to get our cities back to normal as soon as possible. We understand, too, that some people get their power and hot water back before others, so having a generator on hand is a good backup plan if you find your wait is longer than anticipated.

We’ll continue to watch the weather reports for named storms coming our way, but in the meantime if you have questions about a home generator please contact us. We are happy to help you determine the best model for your Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk home.