It’s allergy season, which means that watery eyes, runny noses and itchy throats are making a comeback. This time of the year can be rather difficult for people who are susceptible to these conditions. While allergies can’t be fully prevented, there are several ways that you can prevent allergy attacks by limiting the amount of pollen that comes into your home. Follow these preventative pollen home invasion tips to help keep pollen coming into your home.

  • Do you have a dog? Usually, dogs are outside all day when spring finally comes around. But, while they’re outside playing and exercising, pollen is getting trapped in their fur. Once they get inside, that pollen is now going to be all over your home. If your pet is going to be outside most of the day, make sure that you either rinse them off or give them regular baths before they come back in the house. This will help get rid of the pollen.
  • Keep windows closed. Opening your windows in the spring seems like a good idea when you’re looking to get some fresh air in your home. In reality, it’s not always best for people who are dealing with allergies. Opening your home’s windows can bring in dust, pollen and other allergens that could affect you.
  • Replace air filters. Replacing your home’s air filters can make a huge difference for your allergies. On average, you’re supposed to replace them every 60-90 days, depending on if you have a pet. During the tough allergy months, replacing them every month might be beneficial for your allergies because it’ll help keep your home dust free.
  • Vacuum. Did you know that vacuuming a couple times a week can help ease your allergies as well? Your floors can get pretty filthy, especially if you have carpet because you aren’t able to see the amount of dust and pollen piling on top of it. Vacuuming will help cut down on the pollen and dust, giving your sinuses a much needed break.

Don’t let allergies make you miserable in your own home. Keep pollen and dust out by following these tips to prevent any stuffed up sinuses from invading. When you need assistance with your HVAC systems, be it repair, installation of a new unit, or spring maintenance, contact Norfolk Air.