If we’ve learned anything in the many years we have installed HVAC units for Hampton Roads area homes and businesses, it’s that people expect heat and air to operate when they want it, and without problems. In a perfect world one should be able to adjust their AC or heating system and never worry about interruptions in airflow or clogged filters. When a unit ages to the point it can no longer work, it’s replaced. Hopefully that’s so far in the future you don’t have to think about it now, right?

Every time we install a new HVAC system, we wish the best for our customers. It’s why we offer quality products from companies like American Standard to heat and cool your property with care. It’s also why we offer our Blue Ribbon protection plan, which allows home and business owners to go about their days without worry. We understand if you hesitate when asked to pay money for a service agreement when other bills take priority. That said, we encourage enrollment in a protection plan because it is designed to keep your HVAC equipment running at optimal levels. Your focus, meanwhile remains on your business and family.

Consider these three points as you look over a protection plan:

It can help with warranty issues. When equipment under warranty turns faulty, manufacturers want to see paperwork on any maintenance or repairs done before they take care of what’s covered. Your plan or service agreement outlines what a mechanic will do or has done as far as home repair.

It can reduce the risk of air flow problems. We seldom think about repairs when equipment works. An annual tune-up as determined in a service agreement allows a mechanic to inspect your HVAC system. If issues are caught early, they may be fixed and save you headaches.

It can save you money in the long run. The price you pay for a service agreement could prevent emergency calls when your AC fails. When a mechanic comes out to your home or office, you get a bill, and in time repairs could cost you more than an annual service agreement fee.

To learn more about our Blue Ribbon Protection Plan and how preventative maintenance benefits you, contact Norfolk Air Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical.